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The expectations of today’s workforce continue to evolve, economic pressures and globalization require that business processes operate efficiently on a global scale, and technology continues to disrupt our world – these fundamental shifts in our way of living manifest themselves into complex business issues that require innovative solutions.

We understand the complex interplay of the three business enablers - people, process and technology – required to develop solutions that address the toughest business problems that our clients face.

People – requires finding the right talent that contribute to their fullest potential to achieve their and organization’s goals

Process – requires cost effective design and operation that is scalable to support a global scale

Technology – requires design and development of solutions that allow quick access to data and insights needed to make informed business decisions

With more than a decade of experience across multiple geographies, disciplines and industries, our professionals can help design and deliver the solutions customized to solve our client’s unique business needs. We are committed to quality and discretion in the whole process.

We are passionate about what we do. Let us partner with you, and turn our passion into your success.

What We Do

Sourcing of RPA Talent

As you begin or expand on your automation journey, Ardor Global can be your partner in helping you staff your organization with the right talent. With over a decade of staffing experience across multiple industries, we have the right set of processes, tools, approach and network to help you quickly source and hire the resources with the right set of business.

Execution of RPA Projects

If you need external support for execution of RPA projects by expert resources who have done this successfully before, Ardor Global can be your partner for delivering the end-to-end RPA solution, from design to implementation. Please connect with us for a detailed discussion of how we can partner to help you accomplish your business objectives.

Robotic Process Automation

Robots Unleashed

Robot are finally here - in a meaningful way, with impactful business results. At least the software robots are. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is significantly enhancing the organization efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and as a result dramatically improving accuracy and cycle time of transaction processing while allowing

Process Automation

Rules based processing of tasks like data entry, copying and pasting information from one system to another, data validation, etc. in finance, procurement, supply chain, order management, etc. is making process execution more efficient.

Technology Support

From remote management of IT infrastructure and network devices to automatically creating service desk tickets for IT issues, RPA can help scale the IT operations and absorb demand surges more effectively.

Customer Service

Chat bots are becoming quite common as they can efficiency, accurately and consistently answer customer’s simple questions. Combine that with natural language processing and machine, RPA can even start to engage.

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