Robotic Process Automation

Robots Unleashed

Robot are finally here - in a meaningful way, with impactful business results. At least the software robots are.Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is significantly enhancing the organization efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and as a result dramatically improving accuracy and cycle time of transaction processing while allowing humans to focus on higher-value activities and knowledge tasks. A natural, but less discussed, outcome of RPA is improved employee engagement and satisfaction as they don’t have to do dull and boring tasks anymore. RPA is seeing a wide variety of application and adoption.

Process Automation

Rules based processing of tasks like data entry, copying and pasting information from one system to another, data validation, etc. in finance, procurement, supply chain, order management, etc. is making process execution more efficient.

Technology Support

From remote management of IT infrastructure and network devices to automatically creating service desk tickets for IT issues, RPA can help scale the IT operations and absorb demand surges more effectively.

Customer Service

Chat bots are becoming quite common as they can efficiency, accurately and consistently answer customer’s simple questions. Combine that with natural language processing and machine, RPA can even start to engage in more meaningful conversations with customers like a human would. As advanced technologies continue to become mainstream, organizations will continue to increase their adoption and application of RPA to cut costs, drive efficiency and improve quality.